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Junior shoots first 25 straight!

While the OSSA organizes competitive shooting events, it also supports the development of junior shooters who can join us when they are ready. As one example, on August 7, 2021, Will S. (left) shot his first 12 gauge straight 25 round at the Barrie Gun Club and is shown with his proud father Brad. The father and son team often visit on Saturday morning for a round or two of skeet. As per tradition in the sport, his fellow competitors safely "shot his hat" as a memento and to mark the occasion.

Shooting 25, 50, 75 or even 100 clays in a row is harder than it may first appear. The competitor has to manage their emotions and focus hard to accomplish these milestones. At our events, a perfect round can be seen at a distance when the shooter hits two shots at Station 8 Low - the 24th bird followed by their "option". This is immediately followed by fist bumps with those in their squad to mark the event. It's a great winning feeling every time it happens!


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